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Phil Melugin: When is it Time to Seek Home Health Care?
Phil Melugin began his career in healthcare shortly after obtaining his Master of Education in 1990.
Phil Melugin on How Phoenix Home Care Helps Clients
Phil Melugin has embraced the concept of personalized home healthcare throughout his career.
Phil Melugin Answers Questions about Pheasant Fest
Phil Melugin is the founder of Pheasant Run Ranch, an active wildlife ranch in north central Kansas.
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    Phil Melugin Describes the Importance of Solid Leadership

    Phil Melugin has spent his career leading and growing employees. He believes that the process of leading staff is one of the most important things a manager or business owner can do, setting the tone for the rest of the organization. As founder and president of Phoenix Home Care, Phil Melugin has seen great success and incredible growth, with a staff of 900 spanning both Kansas and Missouri.

    The success hasn’t gone unnoticed by the communities in these areas, Phil Melugin is pleased to announce. After a stellar first year, Phil Melugin and the staff of Phoenix Home Care received an economic impact award from the Springfield Business Journal, an award that recognizes new businesses.

    Founded in 2011, Phoenix Home Care has already accrued revenues of more than $19 million, Phil Melugin states. Additionally, the company has tangibly assisted the economies of the areas it serves, according to Phil Melugin, adding jobs into areas that need them as well as helping enable those who live in those areas to get the in-home rehabilitative care they need to get back to work.

    Phil Melugin has built a strong team of talented healthcare workers at Phoenix Home Care. All potential hires, Phil Melugin explains, are carefully screened to ensure they uphold the company’s stated mission of promoting Christ-like integrity and honesty. As Phil Melugin emphasizes, this is especially important for a company like Phoenix that sends workers into client’s homes.

    Nurturing and growing employees is especially important to Phil Melugin and the management team at Phoenix Home Care. Phil Melugin believes that when an employee has immense job satisfaction, that satisfaction filters down to the client level. The team at Phoenix Home Care shares a commitment to providing compassionate care with empathy.

    Phil Melugin emphasizes that Phoenix Home Care provides competitive wages for its employees, which is also integral to attracting and retaining strong employees. A good leader lets his employees know they’re appreciated, and by paying competitive salaries and rewarding workers for a job well done, Phoenix Home Care is able to illustrate through actions that each employee is appreciated.

    Phil Melugin developed his leadership skill through more than two decades of healthcare administration. With a Masters of Education in counseling, Phil Melugin has served in leadership roles since 1999, when he took a position as president and co-owner of Integrity Home Care. Phil Melugin lives in Missouri with his wife of 24 years. He has three children.

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